Wednesday, August 29, 2007

three holes make a puncture wound

um, i was bitten by a dog today.

i am not lying.

janie and i were exercising via walking and the dog came up around behind me and lashed out at janie. i pulled on janie's leash to get her away from the dog and started yelling "no!"

the dog circled behind me and i expected him to go at janie again, but instead it bit me on the leg.

bit me on my damn calf!

of course i screamed out in pain and shock. and screamed "no!" some more and scurried up the street. the dog's owner came out and called the dog in back behind the fence (where he should be!) while i ran to put janie inside and wash the wound.

long story short: doctor's office, animal control, antibiotics, a dog owner who doesn't speak english, doctor's bills.

but i think i'm fine. a little traumatized, but generally fine.

the question is: who remembers when i got my last tetnus shot? 1994 or 2002?



rp said...

don't you need a spanish speaker (maybe Steve M) to go with you and check out whether the dog has had their rabies shots?

SOOOOO sorry!

Alysa said...

Stupid dog. The dog should know that "no" in English and Espanol is the same.

lynnette said...

yikes. you probably had to have a tetnus shot to go to school at truett. but better to be safe than sorry.

poshdeluxe said...

gross! gah! that sucks.

let's hope it wasn't a werewolf.

Michelle said...

Ann, of course I love dogs. But dogs who bite people and their owners need to reprimanded...harshly. I mean what if you were one of your neighbor's little girls walking their little chihuahua?

You need to call Animal Control or even the police department to find out the next step for this dog. IT MUST BE KEPT IN THE YARD OR CHAINED. It cannot and should not be allowed to escape.

I am serious. My aunt got attacked my a dog, after she told the owner numerous times about it escaping from the backyard and she got bit serious enough to get stitches and post traumatic stress disorder.

This is where Ann puts on her game face and makes her neighborhood a little safer for dog walkers.

Go Ann!

Michelle said...

PS. I am sorry it happened to you. I hope you feel better soon and recover quickly.

I love you.

Ann said...

i contacted animal control and they took it to observe to make sure it's not a werewolf, i mean, to make sure it doesn't have rabies. i'm getting an extra tetnus shot to be sure i'm covered and i'm on antibiotics.

i'll be fine.

jenA said...

one. you should have called the police. the dog's owner is responsible for your doctor's bills bcause he/she violated a leash law. two, a tetanus shot is not what you get for a dog bite. it's what you get when you get a puncture wound from a metal object.
you NEED to make sure that dog has its rabies vaccination, and you NEED to make sure that pet owner is cited for not keeping the dog restrained. Please listen to me. I'm the girl who was lucky she didn't need rabies shots in addition to the 118 stitches in her face after she stared down the neighbor's dog. He had to be put down to be tested for rabies, because the neighbors didn't have a record of his shot.

Red_Cleric said...

Always get your tetanus shot on your decade birth years 20's 30's et. that way you know you had it.

However if you're in an accident most likely they'll shove a needle in your arm just to collect the insurance money.