Sunday, September 19, 2004

so i graduated with my master's degree august 14, 2004. in divinity no less. god only knows why. and now i live in austin, for not quite a month, and as is the way with the disshelved ones, i've already moved twice in that one month. i have joined ranks with the unfortunately unemployed, but will survive (if my creditors don't eat me alive). i preach at my new church mosaic ( ) sunday night, teach a class on genesis tuesday evening, and then leave directly after that for columbia missouri. going to visit the acuffs (milly's hiring me to organize her life in three days - hey jesus managed to bring himself back to life in that amount of time, surely i can clean a damn house!) and also to visit pitts and joel who recently bought a house in columbia where amy is in med school. then i'm off to liberty to hang with emmers at the dz brunch on saturday and then finally on to st jo mo on sunday. fun times!
actually, its been quite a transition figuring out what i want to do with my life, now that (for the first time in 23 years) i am no longer a student. do i sing? act? pastor? preach? write? i've decided on teaching: substituting for now (if Austin ISD ever officially "processes" and hires me) and then hopefully someday in a university. i want to do PhD work in literature starting in fall of 05 so guess who has to take the GRE this semester and apply to schools. that's right, yours truly. why stop with school now? it's all i know. reality can wait as far as i'm concerned.
so that's the scoop. lots of love and peace and learning.

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