Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween News.

So halloween has come and gone. The previous picture of "the babies" shows my darling cats who were kept inside on halloween to prevent any foul play by twisted trick or treaters. Bethany and Gabe Chance had a party on the 30th at their house in north austin (cedar park). it was tons of fun and lots of people showed up: both Bush and Kerry (sigh*) were there, as were two fairies, two housewives, a flapper (yours truly), rapper Flava, Hugh Hefner and his playboy bunny, potassium, calcium, and others. The best part of the evening was watching Dracula and Alien without no volume, while listening to Gabe's eclectic CD's and providing dialogue ourselves. All in all it was a very safe and fun Halloween party. Halloween itself was good too. The babies were safe and I went to church that night and was responsible for communion. From the mouth of a girl wearing a black shirt and scary bat earrings came, "This is the body of Christ, broken for you." Amen.

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