Tuesday, December 21, 2004

the shock of the skidmore tragedy is wearing off. the anger at my ill-behaved adolescent students is growing. it's unreal to me that students can behave so poorly especially at the cost of their peers. their cruelty doesn't cease to amaze me. during the performance of a group of girls (their skit final) sixth hour, one boy ripped a huge fart and the whole room erupted. horrible. that's after the snickers and whispering and snap bracelet snapping that preceeded the gasious eruption. so rude.

four days till christmas. only one 3/4 day of school left.

come christmas come.


Anonymous said...

Anna, when they do that, you gotta come down on that s*** like the Hammer of God!... Actually, not really... but I really like saying "you gotta come down on that s*** like the Hammer of God!"


Michelle said...

Ann ann bo bann,

Keep your chin up girl. Christmas will be here soon and then you can come home to Austin. By the way, Chris did forget to put in the AISD check. So, we will be sending those and everything else probably the day after Christmas. We are driving to Tyler tonight and I don't have time to mail it between now and then.

We love you lots and miss you! Roger misses you too!