Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Okay family, one week from today. Here is the long awaited list. I'm sorry it is so slow in coming. I am lamenting entering into my late 20s however. I'm sure you understand. We can celebrate when I come home at the end of May with grandma, grandpa, Amy and Emily, Carla and Tom, Shannon and Gerald, and Marsha. It'll be fun.

Ann’s 27th Birthday Wish List

-DVD Connie and Carla
-DVD Jesus Christ Superstar The Movie (1974 version) If not this then, CD Jesus Christ Superstar, the original Broadway cast
-CD “Prayer Cycle” various artists
-CD Quiet Lovely
-CD The Cranberries “No Need to Argue”
-CD Jet
-*Nintendo Game: Super Mario Brothers 2
-*Nintendo Game: Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr.
-*Nintendo Game: Dr. Mario
-Book: Plan B by Anne Lamot (the sequel to Traveling Mercies)
-Book: Genesis: Translation and Commentary by Robert Alter
-Book: The Book of Exodus: a Critical Theological Commentary by Brevard S. Childs
-Book: Sinéad: Her Life And Music by Jimmy Guterman
-Sheets (double bed, taupe, cream, or some neutral color)
-Ink Cartridges color and black for HP1350; Hp Photo Paper
-Money to pay bills.

* These Nintendo games are easy to buy on Ebay – just punch in the name of the game and Nintendo NHS Game System. Jeremy can help you if you get confused.

Happy Shopping!

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