Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've Been Tagged by Cat...

*four (other) jobs I've had
-waitress at Buzard Billy's four years
-model for Figure Drawing One class at Baylor
-dogsitter for Cat's dog Bridgett (never did get paid those last two months though...)
-seller of the Mary Kay

*four little known facts about me
-I've travelled the world (11 different countries) but am not monetarily wealthy. Don't ask me how that happened
-I would love to be a writer but lack the courage
-I want to be a lounge singer
-I think black men are hot

*four city airports I have visited
-New Delhi
-Chaing Mai
-Tel Aviv

*four favorite male actors
-Johnny Depp
-Kevin Spacey
-Jeff Bridges
-Robert Downy Jr.

*four foods I love to hate
-french fries
-ice cream
-carrott cake

*four websites I visit daily

*People I'm tagging
Steph Krall

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