Friday, May 23, 2008

Florida Day 4

With the brief rain yesterday came a reminder of respite even from the respite of vacation. So under the guise of going to the grocery store, which we eventually did, Josie and I snuck into Seaside (yes, the town where the Truman show was filmed, and yes, it is FREAKY to be in such a homogeneous community with all their white picket fences and lighthouse balconies and brick-paved streets) for some alone time.

We sat at an outdoor bistro where we ordered Stella Artois on tap and also brie crepes and crab cakes. AMAZING! It rocked. We talked about our lives and men and relationships and our futures and drank stella and ate crepes. We also made fun of all the cookie cutter people who walked by with their fake tans (we're at the beach people!) and collagen lips (freaky) and dyed hair (what's wrong with being a brunette or a red head really?) And we ooh'd and ahh'd over all the cute little kids (yes, we're both thirty and baby-bearing age). And again, rolled our eyes at the four year old boy in a plaid jumper with a sea horse on the front of it and prayed his parents are Brittish.

It was a good day. My burned bottom is diminishing which is encouraging. I may even get to lay on my stomach today. I also managed to burn both wrists and both elbows that first day too which has proved to be quite the nuisance. Who knew you could burn your elbows? We girls also discovered one can burn the inside of one's belly button. But mine's not too bad.

The girls also burried James in the sand yesterday. Here's a picture of their masterpiece...

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