Wednesday, April 22, 2009

31 and counting...

Surely you knew it was coming. Although I admit, I've only given you 26 days to shop, my bad...

- Real Cowboy boots!! (um... i'm not sure how to go about getting these...)
- red iPod nano armband $29
- Gift Certificate to Parts and Labour, my favorite store in Austin to buy shirts and jewelry! located on South Congress
- Bamboo Bird Wind Chime $14 or the Tree of Life Wind Chime $44 to hang outside my house from Ten Thousand Villages located on South Congress
- Kaiku Shower Curtain $29.95 (mom suggested it might be time to re-do my bathroom decor)...
- Fl-owl-er Power Wallet $27.99
- Gift Certificate to Anthropologie an awesome store I can't afford :) located on 6th and Lamar
- candles that smell good like Fleurs D'Oranger (Orange Flower Blossoms) by Cote Bastide
- Gift Certificate to Big Red Sun located on Caesar Chavez to buy flowers and cactii :)
- Gift Certificate to Home Depotso I can continue work on my backyard (blocks around tree, stepping stones, grass, wood for deck, etc.)
- Some new jeans... not sure what size... gotten bigger as I've gotten older :)


jenA said...

Take the boots off your list. Give me your shoe size, where your foot is widest and what toe shape and color you like. Also remind me of the day. I'm stuck on 19 but that doesn't feel right somehow.

Ann said...

close! 18.

NAOMI said...

Parts & Labour is my absolute favorite store EVER. Did you know it was started by a St. Edward's graduate? :) Also, I volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages and I unpacked both of those windchimes a month or so ago! Good choices.