Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Bowls and Super Toilets

While I spent the Super Bowl mooring over my friends, Rod and Ronda's Super Toilet Bowl, the rest of my church and the nation watched an amazing game last night. Unfortunately, I got food poisoning from my lunch yesterday and didn't get to indulge in the BBQ that my friends made or in the rallying around the TV set (Rod and Ronda quietly moved me upstairs where I would have my own bathroom and TV and couch to "do my own thing" during the big game.) The funny part is that I was watching it live while everyone else was watching it a few minutes behind on TV downstairs. So when I hobbled down after the game they said, "Don't you say anything to tell us the outcome of this game!" and sent me back upstairs.

But it was a super bowl with some great leadership by both Drew and Payton. Here are some quotes from my facebook friends. Also, here is a news broadcast about my church and Drew and his grandparents (who, along with his parents and younger sister, still attend my church).

"I do have to also say that as proud as I am of how humble of a winner Drew Brees was, I'm also pleased with how Payton Manning was truly a gracious loser. And I mean "loser" in the most respectful way, commenting on the score of the game, not on the man's character. What a blessing to have two leaders who are actually good role models for how to be gracious and honorable in the spotlight." - Carleigh Chapman

"Drew Brees the Quarterback and Drew Brees the person are exceptional. He speaks of his 'moment' as 'calling' as 'destiny' as 'God's work.' This catches our breath because New Orleans so needed this moment, this leadership. It also catches our breath because it goes against everything we see in the celebrity world. Thanks for who you are Drew." Rev. Dr. Roger Paynter

And of course, Drew on The Tonight Show with David Letterman...


Anonymous said...

I agree. Did you know that toilets are flushed more times during the Super Bowl halftime than any other one time during the year.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog – tho sorry to hear you were sick. The video was super and so was the game. Love GM

Anonymous said...

sean pAyton is the coach of the Saints

pEyton manning is the QB of the Colts..

I mean, it's so important for you to have your sports "just so" I wanted to make sure you could correct your blog! hA