Saturday, May 15, 2010


So my birthday's on Tuesday. I know I'm really late in telling the world. Usually it's March and I'm posting a countdown, April and I'm giving you my wish list.

But this year's a little different. I haven't been as excited about it, for a multitude of reasons I suppose (and NO one of them is not that I think I'm OLD, Emily, I'm NOT). I'm not even throwing myself a birthday party and I do love to throw parties.

Instead, I'm going to Nashville, to the Festival of Homiletics (that means preaching conference). I'll get to see Sam and Lynnette and Lindley and maybe do some flood relief work. I'll get to hear some great preaching. And since I'm taking the GRE in July, I'll be "going to class" on my birthday as I'm signed up for a Kaplan Internet Prep Course.

But, since mom's been asking, here's my list...

A Solid Wrap Swimsuit (size 4, cinnabon color).
Gift Certificates to Parts and Labor (my favorite local shopping spot on SoCo)
Gift Certificates to Anthropologie
and I guess gift certificates to Home Depot.

I know, I'm kind of lame this year. But I have so much stuff already. Hmm. What would my list look like if I asked for non-stuff?...

A Gift Certificate to have someone come deep clean my house (i.e. clean my stuff!).
A Gift Certificate to have someone come chop the dead tree out of my front yard ("before it falls on your roof!" Clarence keeps telling me).
A roommate.
A day at a spa.
and... world peace?

Happy Birthday to me. Tuesday.

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caryn said...

hope you had a great birthday!!