Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Friends Are Famous V... Even the Small Ones

For the fifth installment of My Friends Are Famous, I'd like to introduce Lindley. You may have met her before in this article I wrote about babies last year (Lindley M Davidson was #5 I think).

She makes the My Friends Are Famous blog because my little Lindles is starring in her very first commercial!

Sort of.

Lynnette & Sam, her adoring (and creative) parents made that super precious video as part of a contest & if their video gets the most views they win a thousand bucks. Awesome. I want to make a video now too.

So click on the video above and watch it... even if you hate ice cream... or children... or me for that matter. Yes, great idea. Click on it to spite me.


And congrats Lindley! Your parents may have passed that sweet tooth on to you, but you get your mad acting skilz from your Auntie Ann (not to mention, we all know I'm the one who taught you that boys are bad). Here's to your future full length feature!

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