Wednesday, October 24, 2012

sTuff yOur MaMa shouldA tAUght yA

This will be a new blog series titled, Stuff Your Mama Shoulda Taught Ya.... (or the Sh*t You Shoulda Listened To).

I've discovered in my six years as a landlord, in the sixteen years of living with roommates, and from the six hundred men I've dated, that there are just things... basic things... that some people are missing in life.  Pertinent information.  And quite frankly, I feel, their lives (and my own) could perhaps (okay definitely) be improved had they just listened to their mother.

Now, for those of you without mothers, or with negligent mothers, don't despair.  This is a semantics issue.  Feel free to substitute father, nanny, grandparent, step-mom, guardian, security warden... whatever into the title.  The point being, of course, that at some point we should have all learned some very basic things about life.

And I recognize that we, as learners, have to hear something like seven times to store it to memory, so I get it... we missed a few things here and there.

But I'm now starting a blog series to right this wrong... sTuff yOur MaMa shouldA tAUght yA... Part One... Plastic and the Dishwasher.

You guys, plastic must go on the TOP LEVEL of the dishwasher, not the bottom.

Why, you ask, must plastic go on top instead of the bottom?  BECAUSE IT MELTS.

If you want to know why the lids no longer fit on your Tupperware in which you're trying to store the leftover green bean casserole, it's probably because you put it on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher.  Throw it away.  Not only will it not longer fit it's bottom half, but melted plastic has toxins in it.  I know, I had a roommate who was a toxicologist.  And I listened to her.  There's a reason new moms aren't supposed to put baby spoons or bottles on the bottom rack of the dishwasher... it melts and secretes toxins and is totes dangerous to the mini-mom.

So please, for the love of God, listen to your Mama and listen to me.  Plastic, if it must be washed in the dishwasher, must be washed on the top shelf.  It gets too hot on the bottom.

Even this cat agrees.
Thank you.  I'm now putting away soap box, putting soap in the dishwasher, and putting plastic in the top rack only.  

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Cat, top shelf or bottom?