Friday, January 21, 2005

Not much to say, gotta admit. Grandma asks for more blog notes, but I've currently none to give. I started to apply for an English Teacher position at a local high school, but they were already well into the hiring process and its already gone. This Monday will be Phil's mysterious wedding which is stressing most of us out to the max. I just planned a damn bachelorette party with three bridesmaids one of whom i just found out yesterday is no longer in the wedding! what the hey? oh well. hopefully she'll still chip in on expenses. she better . . .

or what? or i'll buy a ticket to wherever she lives and go beat her up? i doubt it. I'm full of empty threats.

So the bachelorette party is Saturday evening. Crazy Carol flies in tomorrow morning. That'll be great since she's not seen any of the places I've lived in Austin, let alone my fabulous new apartment in which i currently live box-free!

Sunday is the rehearsal and dinner, Monday the soundcheck and wedding. I'm singing at the reception (including the song for the first dance) and just found out I'm praying in the wedding too. I heard that Bwack might be praying as well which amuses me. This spendid ex-boyfriend of mine (i'm being serious, not sarcastic) prayed out loud maybe once(?) during the year and a half we dated. He didn't even want to go to the Dove Awards last year. He hates attention, publicity and public speaking. But then again, he has to give the Best Man's toast, so maybe he's not so opposed to it as I think.

All in all, this weekend will be full of fun. And if it sucks, at least the Reception will have lots of wine. Long live Baccus.

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Shiz said...

Yay for wine! I hope you have a great time!