Saturday, January 29, 2005

the mysterious monday wedding went off without a hitch. to quote jeremy's mother: "I don't think the bride's feet were on the ground once during the ceremony!" it was pretty incredible.

it was great to see old friends all together in waco: robert and hun, billy and renee, paul and jen, genevieve and the pile brothers, jen and celina, wags, etc. etc. etc. i crashed the bachelor party sunday night, so i got a chance to talk to a lot of people that i wouldn't have had time to speak extensively with at the wedding. only one guy criticized me for being a "skirt" and in the wrong place. but when i smartly retorted that i was a groomsmaid, he dropped the subject and i dropped him.

phil's family was there of course, and that was amazing to meet his mom and dad. i recognized them from the pictures and it felt just like home when i introduced myself to them. phil's dad calls erin and i and the rest of phil's friends "the brat pack." phil's mom is out of control fabulous. i love it! it was so great to meet the two people that produced our peculiar phil. it all makes so much more sense now . . .

darrell shepherd and i played some songs at the wedding reception and that was nostalgic as well. we sang "your love is better than ice cream," (during the cake cutting) "L-O-V-E," "something," "dimming of the day" (the first dance) and "i'm a believer" as a fun afterthought. it was great to sing again and reminded me that i need to sing more down here. it's theraputic.

big phil and stephanie should be in ireland for the honeymoon by now. i hope they're having fun! i'm sure they are . . . no comment.


adam said...

i have a comment about it.

oh wait i dont. but i did want to say good job singing at the wedding. it was top notch.

Myles said...

ann pittman!