Friday, September 16, 2005

So i think i'm getting sick and that is no good.

I had coffee with a gentleman last night (actually I had an italian soda - raspberry and orange - fabulous!) and as we sat outside I felt what I thought were allergies coming on. A sneeze or two occurred.

But then today I woke up with a sore swollen throat. Uh oh.

But I went ahead and went forward with my lunch date today, taking a shower, wearing clean clothes, gargling with salt water, swallowing tylenol, all the things my mother would tell me to do to try and trick my body into thinking is is well. but I'm not sure it has worked. Now I have a runny nose too.

Buh! (as an old friend would say). That makes me cranky. I've no time to be sick - especially on my "off" days. And I only get one a week!

Speaking of days off, I'm fighting hard to keep from going into work today, even if I'm feeling bad. "I just want to check my work email," I tell myself. Or, "I just need to write one little set of learning goals." But no, I will be disciplined and I will take a day off damnit. I at least need to give the impression of trying to be a healthy individual and not a nerdy workaholic - right?


So I'm going back to bed.

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Michelle said...

ANN!! Go over to my house right now young lady and get Chris to give you an Emergen-C and some lysine or zinc!
I don't want you to be sick because that means I will probably get sick, geez, thanks Ann!

Love you lots even if you do have a runny nose.