Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday or whatever. I hope you got all your feasting in, but hopefully you feasted on more than just women's breasts. (Lame). Food and wine is always a better alternative than random people's privates being peddled in public - i digress.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and in light of Sam Davidson's suggestions we will be repenting but also resolving at my church, burning a paper with our sin written on it and also laying on the Table a paper with what good we vow to do to help bring about heaven on earth. Yep, I'm singing Heavenly Day.

If you live in Austin and want to receive the imposition of the ashes (taken from our burned paper), come to First Baptist Church at 9th and Trinity at 6:15. It will be a beautiful service of mourning and rejoicing as we enter Lent repentant and resolute.


Frank said...

I truly can't wait to surrender my sins, receive the ashes, understand the beginning of Lent, and listen to you sing Heavenly Day. Thanks for bringing me back to the Church, Ann!

Anonymous said...

Hey we got women's day coming up as just hop over to my blog on Womens Day Greetings and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey - what's so wrong with feasting on random strangers' privates? What am I missing? Please explain.