Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Patty Griffin, whom I love, has an amazing song on her new album Children Running Through called Heavenly Day. Great Song. Super. I'd love to cover it someday.

Yesterday was a heavenly day. After getting all day Monday off, I woke up Tuesday refreshed and ready to go. Staff meeting? Not a bore. Discussing hard issues of the church? Not a chore. Even when Roger and I had our monthly heart to heart confrontation and I cried, I wasn't sad or mad or whatever. They were just tears on a heavenly day.

The sky was blue. Deceptively blue. Blue sky and 60 or 70 degrees blue. But even when I had to turn right back around to go inside and grab a scarf before heading to work it was a heavenly day.

After work I ate amazing chinese food from a restaurant called Suzy's. Read up some on the Judah and Tamar story from Genesis 28 - always a delight. And then two of my best friends and I watched my favorite show House on TV and then rented Little Miss Sunshine.

My parents and grandparents had sent me Valentine's Day gifts that came early so I was still buzzing from those. According to my parents card to me, I "sparkle." And I felt sparkly yesterday on my all too normal but very heavenly day.

Today on the other hand - known to the general public as Valentine's Day, but known to all Common Grounds-ers as Singles Awareness Day - was not heavenly. I awoke at 7:30 to do a hospital visit, but went back to bed when we couldn't figure out what hospital she was in. For some reason when i returned to sleep, I set my alarm for 1:30am and needless to say didn't wake up on my own until 11:30. No flowers at church waiting for me from my imaginary boyfriends, my wanna-be boyfriends, my ex-boyfriends, or even stalkers. I forgot my lunch at home and had to moocoh off the secretaries. And the sky was grey and the weather cold. Didn't go out to a movie tonight with friends because of a headache and general not-feel-good-ness. Not a heavenly day.

But you know what, those are facts and I'm not complaining. Because some days are just normal days you get through and some days are simply normal but feel simply heavenly. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's waking up on time, maybe it's karma, maybe it's prayer, but even as i lay here with my throat getting a little more sore, i'm still treasuring yesterday and contemplating how to view every day as a heavenly one.

Heaven on earth, God's kingdom now. There just might be something to that.


jenA said...

you must not have gotten my present yet. perhaps you will get it today.

Ann said...

i got it today and it was yummy!!!

Ann said...

ps - today, though the skies were grey, was a heavenly day...

jenA said...

yay! i am excited that you liked it! It's my new thing. I made maple ones for my dad.