Friday, July 27, 2007

The Time Was Sweet, the Hour Has Passed

Day is Done
Gone the Sun

And so are the parents.

Sigh. So short lived. But man we got a lot accomplished in four days (three full, two half).

4 Lunches
2 Bar-B-Cues
3 Dinners
1 Breakfast
Which makes 8 restaurants, two friends homes, good food and of course a ton of friends (including FBC friends, Mosaic friends, Waco friends and neighborhood friends)

I had bought Dad (and mom) tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar/Estralla at Zach Scott for Dad's Birthday/Father's Day gift. The show is an artistic masterpiece. With regard to its creativity, it beats every show I've ever seen - London, Broadway, wherever. Mom and Dad were shocked and in love with it too and dad said I should have been cast in it. That made me feel good.

They got to go to their favorite Sunday School in the world which happens to be at my church: Symposium. That made them happy. Then worship of course where their darling daughter preached and hopefully didn't embarrass them too much with anecdotes of their family. :) Then came bbq and swimming with Awakening (mine if i went to one) Sunday School class which was so relaxing and fun. Will, Frank and Michael diving off the board were the icing on the cake. Too much fun. We finished up Sunday with another bbq at Ren and Alicia's where mom and dad got to see the Johnsons and the Chance's which they liked.

Monday we attacked my yard moving 6 bushes to the back of the house. Thank you Jesus! and rearranging several in front. It was hard on my parent's progressively older bodies, but even more painful for the plants. We definitely killed one of them, my favorite, but mom bought me another one to make up for it and after trimming the dead one, she assured me it would bloom back again!

My father loves to shop. So one day we went down to San Marcos to peruse the #3 Mall in the World. A huge outdoor outlet mall with "Little Italy" inside it. Complete with gondolas. It rocked and I hit some much needed sales on some much needed work clothes, so that was a bonus too. The hideous restaurant we ate at after shopping did not rock. It was unpleasant. I hope that word conveys what is really in my heart. Blech. However, the next day when we shopped at Home Depot (one of my favorites!), my dad bought me a weed eater!!!! Watch out world. I will whack you! It's the best gift all summer!

We got to spend time with the Nethercuts (always a hoot and a half), Roger, and Pete and Joy too. They updated my parents on all of their adventures. My parents left breakfast motivated and inspired.

And then they left town. I was sad to see them go. I wish they could have stayed longer. But maybe next time they'll stay longer and bring grandma, and emily.

That'd be fun too.


Michelle said...

It was fun to see them too! I just wish we could have hung out a little time, maybe?

myleswerntz said...

love me some crazy.