Sunday, July 01, 2007

DC Reflections

Washington DC is larger than life, yet smaller than most notorious cities. Jam packed in between the most interesting and almost sacred memorials runs the United States government, from the lowliest lobbyist's assistant to the vice-president, politics tick their way around the clock and through the city.

This is just a thought, but do presidents (current ones) ever visit these amazing sights? Does George W. ever go to Ford's theatre and ponder his own mortality? Does he ever visit Lincoln and wish he'd hired better speech writers? Does he ever visit Vietnam and think, "Dear God, what have I done?"

Maybe if he visited FDR, it would bring all that into perspective, the humility and the profundity with which our presidents should work.

Please Mr. President, make it stop.


Anonymous said...

he can't stop it even if he tried; the whackos who started it need to be asked to stop as well...

Kester Smith... said...

i'm not sure what virgil means, but amen to you ann. and amen.