Saturday, June 30, 2007

Less Attendants, Less Flights?

I heard a rumor.

I heard from someone who has a friend who is a pilot for AA who told him never to fly American Airlines at the end of the month because AA is so low on funds that (in addition to now making you PAY for PEANUTS on the planes) they aren't scheduling flight attendants. Let me repeat, they want to save money so they're not scheduling flight attendants. This lack of flight attendants causes a lack of flights. The pilot told his friend, "Don't fly American Airlines at the end of any month. Your flight is likely to be cancelled." Consequently, when there are rain delays such as we have seen in Texas and the midwest, the rain takes all the blame. But this pilot said, don't be fooled. It's not the rain, it's the lack of flight attendants. Happens every month.

Now I do believe part of AA's and all airlines issues is the rain - have you seen the reports about Marble Falls on TV? 19 inches last i heard. Not to meention that my lawn looks like a jungle. And not just cause i haven't mowed in two weeks. The rain is changing everything.

But my question for the blog world is - or at least to any of my readers who happen to work for American Airlines - is this true? Is it true that AA is trying to save money at the end of every month by scheduling fewer workers which causes flights to get cancelled? Or is this just a rumor?

Either way, I gotta admit, I'm getting sick of AA. If you pay $300 for a plane ticket, they oughta give you some damn peanuts. For free.