Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I've been really busy...

Everyone is, I know, but it's the only excuse I've got.

Flew out last week for Youth Camp, returned with a cold (thank you Mandy) and had a college event the next day. Sunday was, well, Sunday and then Monday the cold really knocked me out, but I had to continue working. This week had to manage preparations for the College Beach Retreat this weekend, teaching on Wednesday, leading worship on Thursday and then actually go on the College Beach Retreat on Friday.

This will be the first away from a church event (in 11 or 12 years of church work) that I am actually totally in charge of. Fortunately, i'm in charge of adults, which makes life much easier. Still, it will be a stepping stone.

On the home front, Janie is still cute but continues to eat stuff around the house that she isn't supposed to: a purse handle, my roommate's glove, used toiletries, a Christmas gift I never delivered... the usual. Potter still tries to sleep with me at night, but Janie doesn't let him alone for 5 minutes so he ends up retreating elsewhere, and Zorba is, well, Zorba. Still a hater, still a lover. The only thing Zorba and Janie have in common is that they both hate the vacuum cleaner and they both love Potter.

I watched A Beautiful Mind for the first time tonight. That was startling, but good. Redemptive even. And I was completely shocked to discover at the end of it that it was a true story. I would have never guessed. My favorite line from the movie: "God must be a painter. Why else would we have so many colors?"


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Michelle said...

I like the movie too.

And I liked seeing you last night. Even it was for 5 minutes.