Wednesday, June 06, 2007

St. Jo Mo Chronicles

Other than the dramatic attempt to return to Austin, this weekend was pretty good. Friday when I arrived, we celebrated my dad's 62nd birthday. sorry if i wasn't supposed to say that on the blog dad.

Grandma and grandpa were there. Mom made her famous potato (is there an e?) salad, and we had hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken with avacado, etc. yum!!

Dad got a watch from "the girls," and some cologne from mom that she of course forgot about and found the next day in her closet. "Do you still want me to wrap it honey?"

He also got a new camera since mom lost theirs back when she and Amy came to Austin for Holy week. For weeks she called me to see if I had come across it or if it had been turned in to Lost and Found at the church. Guess what mom found on the second to last drive home from the airport in the back pocket of the car: their camera. Figures. At least they can sell it on eBay (if they knew how).

We girls got an un-birthday present from my dad too. Growing up, we would get one gift on the other daughter's birthday so we wouldn't be jealous. Loved that. So dad decided this year that he would do that too. In addition he brought out the old hunt and find your present game. When we were little, he'd hide clues all over the house and we would have to solve one clue to find the next one, until finally we were led to the present. Is there any wonder why my love language is gift-giving? So we followed the clues with Amy even imitating the way Emily used to run when she was little, arms in full swing, back hunched. So, so funny. It was great.

We also went to a wedding of a former neighbor. She was a couple years younger than Amy and her sister is Emily's age, so we all kind of grew up together. Here's a picture of the Pittman and the Jackson girls. I'm not sure why they all grew and i never did...

Finally, I preached at my hometown church. It's the second time. The first was in 2005 when I was job-hunting. I was more confident then. This time I was just nervous. But it went fine.

It was a good weekend. Got to hang out at a friend's pool, did more shopping than i have since christmas, played games, watched a poorly directed movie and of course, all of the above. It was beautiful.

Miss you.


Frank said...

I love Pittman's. Ya'll are a hoot.

Unknown said...

Ann--is that a new dress? If so, it is adorable!