Sunday, August 31, 2008


So I typically stick with theology, and more often biblical interpretation, but if I am on the "christian" side of the bookstore, I never pick up novels and certainly not fiction ones.


This book came recommended to me by a friend, my pastor, and my parents. It's been on the National Bestseller list. It'll probably make it on Oprah if it hasn't already. Parts of it were spoiled for me which is what led me to want to actually read it. I will refrain from doing that to you. Hopefully my recommendation will be enough.

You MUST READ this book.

It is a biography (technically) about what happened one weekend to a man in Oregon. But some people will say its not true.

Many actually.

But either way, the profundity of the novel will affect you nonetheless.

While it is not a literary genius, it is insightful beyond measure and it a beautiful depiction of... well... there I go again almost spoiling it.

Check it out at your local library and then after you read it, if you're anything like me, you'll have to then go buy it so you can mark it up and reread it.

Conceptually it is that good.

It will draw you out of yourself and into something bigger, something you could never put a finger on but knew to be true, something you could never articulate but always felt it on the tip of your tongue. It will draw you into its sacred space and return you changed.

Even if you don't ascribe to a higher power, you will probably find this book interesting (if you can make it through the disturbing plot line), and will probably be stretched as well.

As I read a borrowed copy last week, tomorrow I plan to head to BookPeople to buy my own copy for a second perusal. Check it out yourself...

The Shack By William P. Young


Luis Delgado said...

God bless you

Anonymous said...

i am finishing up The Shack right now, and i concur with your recommendation! not literary genius, but theological and spiritual brilliance. amelia :)

lynnette said...

hmm...i have been avoiding it so far. but after your recommendation maybe i should check it out.