Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Vacation Day 1: Driving and Sleeping

But not behind the wheel, thank God.

When I left Austin, Texas it was 46 degrees. When I arrived in Wichita, Kansas it was 11 degrees. I lost about ten per state. And yes, it is cold. Uber cold.

Janie is pacing around the motel room. i can't tell if she's still checking the place out or just really has to pee. But it's so cold, I don't want to take her out again.

Ha! Now's she's stopped to look at herself in the full length mirror. Fabulous. My dog's a narcissist. Or just recognizes super duper cuteness when she sees it. One of the two.

The cats are probably shivering since I turned off the heat and... yes... left them in Austin. I know. I was teary when I pulled out of the driveway too. Anyone left in Austin over the holidays, feel free to go visit them. Even Satan's Little Helper gets lonely, you know. Clarence the wonder-neighbor is feeding them.


Michelle said...

Yes. Satan's Little Helper does get lonely. Lonely for HUMAN FLESH!

So, did you make it home safely?

Todd Crouse said...

Ha! gotcha beat. 4 degrees when I arrived in michigan, -4 when we eventually made it to the house that night, all with 20 to 30 mph winds. brisk to say the least.