Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lisa and the Legless Man

So on Facebook there are these magical little things called "status updates" and it works like it sounds. You update your status ("Ann is sick"... "Ann is at work"... "Ann is wishing she wasn't at work"... "Ann is still sick"... etc. and Facebook tells your friends you've updated your status so they may always keep an eye on you - oops, i mean, keep up with you.

So a few days ago I read this in my newsreel about my friend Lisa in Africa (I've written about her before)...

"Lisa was acosted and held hostage by a man without legs. [yes, i'm fine.]"

And yes, what you just uttered under your breath or perhaps exclaimed out loud is exactly what i said.

So of course all of her friends instantly begged for more details on her facebook page to which Lisa responded with this brief recap:

"let's just say, christmas shopping in monrovia doesn't exactly put one in the 'christmas spirit'! downtown + drunk, former rebel fighter + white woman = opportunity for financial gain! the guy grabbed my legs then followed me in to the car...hopped on my lap and wouldn't leave the vehicle until he got his money. 10 min. later, legless man still not budging and 25 people surrounded the car yelling and adding to the chaos - best show in town apparently! all ended well somehow...although not sure what the crowd did to my little friend after we left...ah, sweet christmas memories in monrovia."

Obviously, I can not add anything else to this story, so i will stop now.

Except to say... I have the coolest friends with the craziest lives.

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texasinafrica said...

Is it a bad sign that my instinctive thought when I read that status was, "Oh, yeah, that always happens"?!?