Monday, October 04, 2010

A Fantastic Run

To recap...

In August I appeared in Trinity Street Players performance of The Fantasticks where I played 16 year old, Luisa. I was first introduced to this musical as a child. My father played both Matt and El Gallo in various productions. Rumor has it that as a young child, I knew my father's lines better than he did. However, when we were running them in Hawaii while on vacation, his memory served him pretty well. I was impressed.

I would practice my vocal warm-ups and songs by walking around my Great Aunt Ann's swimming pool (to keep my body moving - there was dancing in this show) and I would sing through everything as it played in my ears on my iPod. My father would sing along in his chair over in the shade with his feet propped up and a book under his nose. Occasionally he was off though, I had to cut him off and cue him from the pool when he could begin singing along "with" me again.

The show was magnificent. As a cast, we got along really well, hanging out with each other after rehearsals and performances. As a minister, it was a great opportunity for outreach, as an actor, it was refreshing to be a part of a cast who loved one another.

And the crowds loved us too. You can read our review here at Austin Live Theater Blogger!

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