Friday, May 27, 2011

Perry May Parry for the White House... Stab Me Now.

So the man who, as recently as 2009, said that it was conceivable the Texas may secede from the Union (um... the United States of America) provided things in our government led by the abominable President Obama didn't change soon, is now potentially running himself for President of the Union he believes so strongly in that he may lead us Texans to abandon.

Potential announcement here as recorded by Austin's own Statesman.

What a dumbass. Sorry, Grandma. But this guy is a real jerk. He's screwed up so much for Texans that he can't do much more damage here, so he needs to move on to bigger and better governments to manage and people to ruin.

I seriously loathe this man. We've only ever agreed on one thing: Arizona's law allowing racial profiling, I mean, law to ensure that their precious state wasn't being invaded by aliens (of the Mexican persuasion) was wrong and immoral. But that's the only nice thing I have to say about Governor Perry. And since Grandmother taught me that if I can't say anything nice to not say anything at all, I'm stopping there.


pitt said...

But Ann, Rush has said that Governor Perry is a good choice for the next for President by the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Ann, he'll never be anything more than a VP candidate and while my daily life has part of my family interacting w/ the man on a regular basis and thus, I despise him even more than you, I welcome him as a Republican candidate against President Obama. Bring it on, MoFo!!