Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Languages

So, my friend, Bethany (who I've written about on here before), sent me this today because she knows my "love language" (the way I understand someone loves me - receive love) is gift giving.


I blame my father. He started it. My other love language is verbal affirmation. But that's probably because I'm an ENFJ.

If you're curious to know the other three love languages, they are... acts of service, physical touch and quality time. In general, people receive love in one or two dominant ways and give love in one or two ways. Sometimes those overlap (I both give and receive gifts as acts of love), sometimes they don't. The trick with your family, friends and partners, is figuring out how each of them "hear," "feel," "know" that they are loved by you, and to be sensitive to how to communicate that best to them (for them - not for you).

So Bethany, thanks for the email (a gift in itself). I'll be sure to hug you the next time I see you to tell you thank you and I love you too!


Anonymous said...

Love languages helped me and Jordan out a lot when we were married. None of ours overlap, so we were constantly trying to show love in ways that the other person didn't really understand or appreciate. And we weren't getting our needs fulfilled either. But finding out that his was quality time made me understand why he wanted to go for walks or play games together, and knowing that mine was service explained why I felt so awful when he didn't do things like load the dishwasher when I asked him to.

Jordan said...

Ah yes, remember when we were married?

Ann said...

We were married, Jordan?...