Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011, A Review

So it's the end of 2011. Let's review.

In case you are curious, here are the ten most amazing cats (according to Animal Planet). My favorite is the barking cat, though I do love me some inter-species communication!

And it was a pretty amazing year for me too.

I played Eva Peron in Evita, chorus girl #8 in Stop the World I Want To Get Off and Amalia Balish in She Loves Me in Georgetown, Austin and Wimberley, Texas. I wrote some things and sometimes spoke what I wrote to large groups of people... once in Guatemala... and once at my grandpa's funeral. When I wasn't singing or writing or preaching, I was changing diapers; nannying is my day job. I vacated in Colorado, at Disney World and went home to St. Jo Mo a record three times this year (and none of those was Christmas!). I turned 33 and threw myself a Jesus Died When He Was My Age Birthday Party. I had a boyfriend for a while and spent the rest of the time dating republicans, millionaires and men much older than me. I don't know what I was thinking either. And then I had a tonsillectomy. A rough ending to an exciting year.

Ugh that was horrible. Think about kittens... christmas... puppets! Let's see what Jibjab has to say about 2011.

Yeah, that doesn't make me feel much better. And when I look at the most infamous oopsies of 2011 (according to Yahoo), I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

So back to animals. Here's the top 10 Animal stories of 2011 (according to Huffington Post).

In theater, here's the 10 best things on Broadway (according to the Hollywood Reporter) that you can feel free to take me to see anytime in 2012 :)

And speaking of art, here's the 14 most inspiring looks (according to Fashion Gone Rogue) of 2011. O to be beautiful and have someone paint my face and let me wear amazing costumes. Le sigh.

Are you getting all health conscious since the New Year (and its resolutions) are right around the corner? Check out the 10 most amazing biomedical advancements of 2011 (according to New Scientist)

Speaking of breakthroughs, the NRDC emailed me this, thanking me for the work I did (donations made, petitions signed, letters written) to help make a world of difference in 2011 :)

But damn we still have a long way to go.

Not even mentioning the environment, Reuters has the most depressing overview of 2011 though their layout is pretty cool. (The only positive thing they dipicted was Britain's Royal Wedding).

But never fear! Because I believe that hope prevails, that love wins, Google's overview is probably my favorite... :)

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