Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'm growing fond of the students here at Johnston High. Many of them recognize me in the halls and have learned my name. They even say it properly. One wouldn't think that Pittman would cause many problems with pronounciation, but inevitably, when I introduce myself to a class, I get the started or awestruck shout-outs of "Ms Pimpin'? Yo' name Ms. Pimpin'?" or "Ms. Pipin? You related to Scottie?"

Some students call my name out in the hall as they pass me. This proves a welcome change to the "Miss! . . . Miss" that they perpetually use of any female authority teacher in the classroom. I like to remind them that I have a name, an identity; and many have responded well to that.

Others though have simply changed my name. I have one boy in a Spanish class I've subbed in a couple of times who thinks I look like Kate Winslet. So now he and his friends have taken to calling me Katie. "Hey Katie!" they'll yell down the hallway. I choose to call them endearing. And I think they are.

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