Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V-day. The corporate, the beloved. Kc and I celebrated with dinner at my apartment. he cooked one of my favorites: cheese manicotti. Yum! It was his first go at it, and he did a fantastic job. Of course a salad with avacados preceeded the meal, a shiraz accompanied it, and vanilla ice cream polished it off! Gifts came in between courses. Surprises all around with a skating video from me to him (i overheard him telling his roommate last month that he wanted it) and from him I received an antique rosery. I've been wanting one for a long time now. It's lovely, delicate gold with small pearls. So everyone seemed pleased.

The students at school yesterday sported much red and pink, and the gifts were out of control. I mean, we had the occasional balloon and red rose when I was in high school, but man have I changed cultures. Huge balloons, multiple ones bobbed through the hallways (and apparently through the classrooms too since the principal came on the speaker system third hour to announce that all balloons must immediately be put in the back of the room when entering class). And lets not forget the stuffed animals: pink, white, red and brown bears of all sizes (and i mean ALL SIZES). Flowers, cards and candy was in plenty as well, so the students ran on a sugar high all day. I spent most of the afternoon working the the sub office so I was glad not to experience all the affects of that overdose.

Even Radley and Zorba found the spirit of love last night as I found Radley laying with his head on the ground and Zorba gently licking it clean with kitty kisses. It was sweet. I suppose the only unhappy person yesterday was my sister who has pneumonia and probably spent the evening home alone sick.

For all it's hype and commercial hoopla, I must admit I don't mind the reminder to tell those close to us that we love them. So to all my friends and family, please know that I do adore you and to those of you far away, I wish I could tell you in person. Much Love, Ann

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Michelle said...

We, at St. Julian's household (your former humble abode), loves you too Ann. We also miss as we (read: Michelle) have not seen you for a good while. Enough to make the La Casa de St. Julian's suspect you to be abducted by aliens...or your students.

Glad to hear you are doing well.