Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ha ha, I gotcha. No more posting on 4-10-05. I figured out how to click "No Posts." Genius. I'm getting this blog thing down. 4-10-05 was getting out of hand, and though I love the encouragement, the rest of y'all were gettin' on my ever-lovin' last nerve. That's the nice way to put it.

I laid in bed this afternoon after an exhausting day of work, and contemplated my response to "the world" (must everything be so dramatic when we lie in bed brainstorming bright comebacks?). To be honest, it contained lots of words that my grandma wouldn't approve of, so instead of pouring out my heart about the absurdity of anyone not hiring because of gender; and the absurdity that we even allow our churches who bear Christ's name to even continue in their sexism; and the absurdity that we have to tolerate sexism and de-humanization, but people can't tolerate frusterated responses; and the absurdity that a friend compared me to a homosexual being hired at a church; add to that some angry words about Jesus in the Temple, and lots of son's-of and friggin's i got tired and fell asleep.

I'm better now, just worn out. My parents are disappointed I clicked "no reply," but they haven't been having this conversation for 8 years straight, in class and out of class. They (and neither have most of the men who blogged) haven't had people argue with them, throw scripture at them, write nasty bogs about them (remember that one lynnette?), or condemn them for being a woman trying to use her gift in the church.

It's fricking absurd. The irony is, the Westwinds thing didn't even upset me that much. I mean, it's not like I didn't expect rejection, I was just startled because it came from a church that I assumed (wrongly according to commentor #42 on my blog) would accept me. I'm smart enough to not apply at a church that says, "We are looking for a man with the following qualities . . ." or "We are a fundamental church looking for a shepherd . . ." Okay, come on. Obviously I won't get hired there. I was just surprised by Westwinds and felt like sharing with the rents and friends how difficult it is to find a job. Never did I know that it would have this response.

I feel like Brittany Spears.

I hate Brittany Spears.

I do wish I made as much money as Brittany Spears though. I cannot tell a lie.

Peace and goodbye. From here on out, it's dead fish and sermons.


Shanna said...

i love you and i support you- just so you know... ;-)

lynnette said...

good for you ann...disable those comments! i, like you, am SO TIRED of having this conversation. it really is exhausting. and yes - i remember well the rude and venomous words of the commenters on that bizarro-world blog that i somehow got dragged into. it IS absurd. all too absurd.

gavin richardson said...

could you have felt like someone other than brittany? you have to be tired of her.. if not, just wait for her reality show.. all in good fun. &:~D

Shiz said...

I'm so sorry this thing had to hurt so much, Ann! I should not be surprised that people behave like jerks, but it infuriates me. I'd like to slap a few heads on your behalf, but I guess we all have to leave it alone.

Love you, annice.

Anonymous said...