Friday, April 08, 2005

ooh, a secret crush. that's exciting. wee one, you usually leave your name - and i've only known you for like 9 months. who wrote the secret crush comment? or is someone just trying to keep my spirits up by lying to me? if so, it's not needed. the breakup was fine. it did NOT contribute to my current fear of men. numerous other factors took care of that.

actually i'm not that down and depressed - just living day to day.

loving teaching (tuesday nights!!),

loving preaching (anyone, anyone, time, place . . .?)

and loving the pretty weather in austin. break out the tank tops and flip flops. i love the sun.


robbins said...

you know it wasn't i who left that comment, my pursuit has never been a secret. besides, i only pursue the one who is first in love with me

jenA said...

say what? do you not recognize my sig? Or did I miss the note - I want to read it, where is it? maybe I can figger out who it is.