Saturday, April 09, 2005

still sick. i cannot tell a lie. i really thought i was getting better, but i woke up today at 2pm sick again. whatever was living in my throat is now in my head. when i speak, my voice booms and echoes inside my ears, blasting me out of whatever seat i've taken. but when others speak? when others speak, i can hardly hear them!

"what was that you said?" i whisper as i plug my ears to lower the volume of my resonating vocal chords.

what a sight.

oh well. at least my illness cleared up for a few days so i was able to go back to work on thursday. i did threaten it with the taunts and annoyances of ghettofied teenagers if it didn't go away. but now that the weekend has arrived, the illness has decided the weather is beautiful, i am no longer at the high school and this is the perfect time to return.

thank you so much illness. i had really missed you.


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