Sunday, October 09, 2005

I guess I should say a few more positive things about the weekend other than my financial woes. After all, I have a job that allows me to pay off that costly weekend, right? Right.

So what else happened you ask? Well, mom and I went to Austin City Limits together compliments of the church. (Yes, I am really digging all the free stuff I'm getting from students - Dali Lama ticket, and from congregants - 2 tickets to ACL.) So we got to hear Death Cab for Cutie and Jet which was really fabulous. We left before Oasis (sigh*), but I'll survive.

Plus, the boys' new CD is really amazing. Parts 2 and 3 especially. Tracks 11-19 are comprehensively the most creative, lyrically solid and generally innovative pieces I've heard in a long time. And I live in the live music capitol of the world. Kudos to you boys, you've seriously outdone yourself.

Big Phil was in town with his wife Stephanie whom I haven't seen since their wedding in January. Bwack flew them in for the concert. Plus our Rita evacuee friends, Josie and Lance were stuck in Waco to their chagrin but our delight. So it was a blast from the past with regard to community.

Carol loved FBC too. She thought the church was visually stunning (it is), and even though the service was different (it was an ordination service for a young woman finishing seminary), mom cried and so I knew she loved it.

Minus the car trauma, the weekend was fabulous and I'm so glad mom got to come down.

I love you...

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