Monday, October 31, 2005

I've finally stopped crying. For now at least.

My pastor, colleague, and friend, Kyle Lake, died yesterday.

It's so wrong, so sad, so surreal. Friends from the past stare at each other in shock as our eyes well up with tears. Those who have to provide structure for the chaos are in denial. So many traumatized teenagers. So many grieving friends and family.

I cannot process it all. I cannot believe it. And I'm still waiting for someone to say it was another stupid stunt.

I can't even think of what to say because . . .

because . . .

it is just stupid. As Wes Eades told me last night, the world is just stupid sometimes.

But that's not much help.

As with Katrina and so many other tragedies, the laws of nature intersected with humanity, and humanity lost.

Jen, Avery, Jude, Sutton, Craig, David, Toni, TK, Ben, Jamie, Blair, Jordan . . . I am so sorry. I know I only feel an ounce of the loss you feel. I love you.

Good-bye Kyle. Thank you. I'll write more later. And I love you too...


Alicia said...

I have been reading your blog for a while. Don't know if I have ever commented before today.

I am sorry for you loss, words will never do.... Run to the Word

I have been praying for UBC since I heard the news.

Please let me know how my church family can be praying for yours!

Anonymous said...

I read the story about Pastor Kyle last night on CNN headline news, then I goggled his name to get more information and your BLOG came up, I then sat and read and read months of your life. I knew you would be writing something today about your friend. My husband and I are pastors and we are so sorry. I can't tell you how many times I have warned my husband to be careful with the microphones when he is doing a baptism. What a TERRIBLE accident!
We are praying for the family and congregation and you.

My youngest daughter is interested in a ministry major and I told her I wanted her to read your blogs.

Hope to keep in touch.

P.S. We are from New Orleans ~ thanks for your concern for our great city!

Trisha Ray

Adam Phelan said...


I've done my share of crying as well. Sometimes life hits us like a ton of bricks.