Saturday, October 01, 2005

Paul Chambers died, and another part of my life is gone.

That's a closed door I guess. I've always entertained thoughts of moving home when the money or the motivation ran out, moving into my grandparent's basement, scrapbooking, volunteering and dancing for Paul again.

But that will never be.

I haven't cried. God, I cried a river when Cliff died (yes, his lover. die now and then read on you homophobes), but i was a little girl then, and i would dance on the same stage as David Parsons at the memorial performance and watch "Caught" from the wings. And it really was glorious.

But Paul is dead and who dances now?

Saying good-bye is getting harder, and I am becoming more stale...


Anonymous said...

The last time I saw Paul, I told him about your new job. He said, "Ann should put dance back in the church -- that's where it all started." So go find a dance studio and dance! Mom

robbins said...

dance is still very much a part of church in africa. wanna come over? i miss you, ann. if you wait for me, it'll be worth your while. but you already know that