Monday, January 23, 2006

So I might be buying a house.

I perused the houses in my price range. Cringed. Sighed. Said, "maybe..." Gasped in horror. And finally squeeled, "this one I like!"

It's technically a 1970s home, but there was a fire and the owner tore the whole thing down and rebuilt it. So it's all new: new floors, new walls, new electrical stuff, new plumbing. So what's the layout? It's a three bedroom, two bath (i can take boarders!) with two living rooms, one kitchen/dining area, a washer/dryer closet and a garage (unusual for Austin). And the clencher? French doors in the back living room. Now I admit, it's not perfect. There's no closet in the master bath and little counter space in the kitchen, but other than that, it's fabulous.

And location? It's on the Eastside. Now, if you are not from Austin, feel free to visit my blogs from a year ago when I worked at Johnston High, and you will understand better the meaning of that sentence. But I'm a pretty missionally minded person and I believe in reconciliation and I am poor. So I'm going to live on the Eastside.

The neighbors look nice. The family next door has their names etched into a wooden wall hanging. The neighbor across the street has a pimped out ride complete with astroturf seats and a one foot tall horse mounted on the hood. I can't wait to meet them.

The house is 3.5 miles from Chris and Michelle.
3.0 miles from Don and Emily, KC, Seth, Adam and Jay.
4.1 miles from FBC if you take 7th and Springdale, 5.3 miles if you take Airport and Springdale.
And it is still a two day drive from my family in Missouri in case anyone's counting.

This week the Inspector comes, and tells me what's not wrong with the house;) and then I guess I call and ask how much insurance will be. Other than that, we're just waiting for papers from the city and from the loan people saying whatever it is I need them to say and then...the house is mine.



Holy cow.

I will not panic. I will be excited. I will not have any furniture to put in the house (or any money to buy any), but I will have a house. And two cats. And my sanity. And my life. My really adult life.

Now if I could just believe that...


Anonymous said...

Home ownership is a blessing with work involved. In the end, I think you'll love it.

Great blog.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Anonymous said...

An adventure -- I love it. Mom

Anonymous said...

My little home-owner!

jenA said...

are you going through neighborhood housing services for your loan?
My future roommate (gasp, I know.) has a couch that she will be selling in May. It's brown leather and the ends are actually recliners.
how much money is no money? the couch is $400.
try signing up for the Austin-area Freecycle (through Yahoo). Keeps stuff out of Dumpsters and I know you'd get garage sale prices without the gas-burning trips through town.

myleswerntz said...

sorry about the house, and sorry i didn't call. i was with a bunch of people that you didn't know, and it was kind of last minute. are you into the flecktones? i'm jonesing to go, but i don't think that anyone here will do it.