Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good News: I have strep throat.

This is good news, I swear. I could have had mono. That's what the doctor said.

Broken records. I get them now. You put them on and get all hyped up for your favorite song or a beautiful refrain and just as the song gets going, it bleeps and skips and goes back to where you were. Back to where you've already been, back to what you've already heard.

I know. It's my third sickness this summer. Physically, I mean. Amazing.

The children's minister at my church is smart. She said that what we feared would happen when we first organized how we would do my residency (i.e. that it would zap my energy) actually happened.

And that's why I've gotten sick three times this summer.

I've been busy.

And isn't that a beautiful song.

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Michelle said...

Ann, you have been busy this summer. But everything you did, everywhere you went, was for the benefit of other people. And for that, you are amazing. I would have crawled into a hole in June if it had been me.

It's good to have you home, though.