Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am in Atlanta and I am tired.

This past week - actually the past five days (not counting today) have been some of the hardest days of my 10,848 days of existence. (don't ask me what compelled me to attempt the math on that). That's one reason for the lack of blogging. Even my ever-faithful grandma has almost given up checking.

Although it is not appropriate to share details of these five days on the internet, suffice it to say I have a very hard job. It's right up there with social workers and psychologists and probably acrobats.

But I'm alive. I'm breathing. I have hope. And not everyone is that lucky.

So I'm counting my blessings and helping others count theirs. And helping them to count their sorrows. Because lamentation is a key element to spiritual health and also healing.

By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we thought of home so far away.
On the branches of the willow trees we hung our harps, and hid our hearts from the enemy.
And the men that surrounded us made demands that we clap our hands and sing.
Please don't make us sing this song.
It used to be happy when we were free and home.
If I can't remember, may I never sing a song again.

And so, if you think your life is hard, call me and I will tell you about the lives of my friends. And I will tell you about the stellar staff that I work with, and the amazing church that i call community. This will remind you that you are not alone... or make you feel bad for complaining.

The church of Christ in every age, beset by change, but Spirit led,
must claim and test its heritage and keep on rising from the dead.


texasinafrica said...

Ann, you are doing a great job in the midst of very bad situations. Get the rest you need this week.

Anonymous said...

Being an acrobat isn't so bad.