Sunday, September 21, 2008

See You Next Month

I'm pretty much gone until October.

Six weeks ago my father had a heart attack and thankfully I hadn't taken but 4 days of vacation this year, so I was able to plan a trip home. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get up here until this week, but it's better than nothing.

And it is so great here.

Cool weather, beautiful landscapes, new board games, home cooked meals (three times a day), grandparents, parents and a handful of old friends. Favorite restaurants, shopping just because, and not ever entering the doors of a church, but feeling closer to God than I have in a long time.

God is in the little things. And I pick up on more and more little things, and thus more and more of God every time I come home...

But more about that later.

I'll return to my home on Thursday, go straight into work and then it will be the weekend (my weekend - Friday and Saturday). And it will be ACL. So I'll spend somewhere between six and twelve hours in the scalding sun listening to tons of musicians and bands and seeing old friends from Truett (who I usually meet up with at the festival) and drinking beer that I bought and water that I brought and realizing how much music speaks to my spirit and writing ten sermons in my head based on ten different songs and it will be amazing.

Then Sunday is another work day and then that night I catch a ride with some ACLers to San Antonio where I will fly Monday morning to Atlanta for a CBF women's spiritual formation retreat. Though I'll be by myself, there's a chance I'll meet up with some people I know or at least have met before. And of course, God will be there too and I'm looking forward to hearing from Her in that setting.

So I'll see you in October.


I will be a different person by then...


deliciousmelissa said...

MAN! october? really? darn. well, then we will for SURE hang out then. we MUST. i hope you appreciate this capitalization, just for you. =0)
love love love,

alicia hart said...

hearing what you're up to makes me feel lazy! i wish i had known you were at acl on friday! drats! i can't wait to see you soon!