Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I've taken to watching movies every night.

It feels like Christmas Vacation.

Only without the creche, the presents, the love or the vacation.

But I'm catching up. I've inherited several movies from co-workers cleaning out their offices and often at HEB I get suckered into picking up a $7.99 DVD if I love it and don't own it or if I always meant to see it but hadn't gotten around to it.

Last night I watched Finding Neverland. It came out several years ago when my family was avoiding all movies remotely reeking of adultery. The night before that was Mona Lisa Smile. Both delightful flicks. Finding Neverland was better though. Johnny Depp. How could you expect otherwise? A couple weeks ago Chris and Michelle and I re-watched Stand By Me. What a great film. I forgot how endearing that movie is...

Tonight it's either Closer (another we avoided, I think), Girl, Interrupted or Munich, all movies I own but have never seen.

Usually when I watch too many movies, I begin to wish that i was a beautiful actress of the silver screen. Or any screen for that matter. But quite frankly my face is too round, my lips too thin and my clothes would never be cool enough for the tabloids. I'd always be listed in the What Not To Wear section I'm afraid. Ah well... since I won't be becoming a famous movie star anytime in the near future, I guess I won't worry too much about it.


jenA said...

Okay, Closer was a real train wreck. 'Gritty' is the artistic critic term, I believe. You feel utterly disgusted with humanity and heterosexuals in general afterward, and even a bubble bath doesn't seem a sufficient panacea.

the librarian said...

All three of those are challenging for different reasons, so you'll have to choose how you want to be disturbed. I didn't see Closer because the Attorney's sister looks a lot like Natalie Portman and we avoid movies where she is "too sexy." The only one I have seen is Munich and I recommend it. It's not easy to watch - it's violent and it leaves you wrestling with issues of morality. But it's incredibly well done and based on a true story, so you'll learn something as well!

Patrick said...

If you love movies where there are no sympathetic characters, "Closer" is the film for you.

I haven't seen "Girl, Interrupted" but my wife liked it.

I'd go with Speilberg, personally.

Andee said...

I want to come over for movie night!

Frank said...

Now, Ann...I am sure your cutoff jean shorts would catapult you straight to the best-dressed list! Do you have any leggings you could add?

Just'd make a great actress, and who knows, maybe you would bring cutoff jean shorts back?!