Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

My friends Patrick and Angela!

You may remember them because they were the first couple I ever "married." They had a beautiful outdoor wedding in June, 2006 at Chapel Dulcinea where Pete and Joy were married the summer before. (Yes, they were warm weddings!)

Pat and Ang left for Peru several months after their wedding to join the Peace Corps. While there they did peace corpsy thingys like build toilets, teach kids about geography and try not to get eaten by scorpions.

Anyway, they're back. Angela's working at Safe Place again and Patrick just got a job with Animal Trustees. (Yes, in case going into the Peace Corps and sticking it out for two years didn't signal that they are amazing people, their chosen vocations should!).

Speaking of animals, Zorba is doing better, but isn't healed yet, which is giving me anxiety. I may have to call Dr. B. Dr. B, you remember is my vet, whom Patrick used to work for and whom I began seeing (well, my pets began seeing) after Radley died and I adopted Potter from the dumpster with all of his dumpster diseases.

Okay, long story short, they're back and I got to hang out with them Friday night! It was awesome and I'm thrilled to hang with them again after a two year hiatus.

Hurray for friends!

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deliciousmelissa said...

I agree, hurray for friends indeed! They are kin to a lonely soul, a drink of crisp lemonade in the heat of the summer, and of a richness you cannot purchase or own. Ah, friends.