Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

So I am totally stupid when it comes to airplanes.

Listen to this. Once I went to a conference and I bought my plane tickets cheaply and in advance. When i arrived at the conference which was two days long I realized I had only booked myself to stay there ONE day so 24 hours after I arrived I returned to the airport to catch my flight back to Austin. No, I didn't wan't to pay the $100 to change my flight and stay an extra day. Fine, so i thought. The problem arrived when I arrived at the airport and learned I had remembered incorrectly and that indeed I had booked myself to stay for two days and so, of course, now I was a day early to the airport. At which place I did pay $100 to change my ticket to that very day and hour because I was too embarrassed to cab it back to the retreat center and admit my stupid mistake.

I know, right?

Fast forward to January. I search for a month, polling friends: who's staying longer after our Current Retreat in Orlando this year? Who wants to stay longer and go to Disney World with me? Do any of my friends want to fly down and hang out with me? No takers except a couple from my church who are very couple-y and who have two kids and will be away from said kids and so I don't want to be with them and infringe on their time. Oh well. No happy place for me.

Sunday I arrived in Orlando and discovered my good friend Julie is here at the conference and she and her fellow residents are staying longer!! Thrilled, I pay $100 to put my flight on hold for some other time and buy an $86 ticket back to Austin for Saturday morning.

Julie is flying out Friday morning. As are all her friends. Which of course I didn't realize until about 15 minutes ago after we checked into the hotel for... you got it, one night. This means I will be homeless in Orlando as of 8am on Friday.


So, if you find yourself in Orlando, specifically Disney World, and happen across a sweet, 30 year old (a little deranged), red-headed woman talking to Eyore... it's me. Come rescue me from the happiest place on earth.


Michelle said...

But...aren't Disney characters automatically YOUR friends? So, it's not like you won't be without friends.

You will, however, be away from me and the little bun in the oven, so there's that.

And you will be extra sore when we re-start working out again because you were gone longer than expected. I promise not to smirk too much.

austinokie said...

Don't worry. I'm sure that those of us in the office will never, ever bring this up....never...ever......I mean, count on it....we will NEVER, EVER bring up the fact that you have now confessed to a LIE (hear that as a two syllable word) about coming back from that retreat early and, "Can I stay in Orlando a few days later w/ my friend, Julie" and now I"m homeless in Disney World...Nuuuoooo, we will NEVER, EVER, EVER bring this can count on us, Ann.....

DORK!!!!! HA...Say hi to GOOFY for me!!