Sunday, March 01, 2009

Saved By the... Blog

So about 12 hours after I posted my last blog I got a phone call from a friend in Nashville who's mom would be arriving that night in Disney World, and (you guessed it) I am welcome to give her a call!

I'm telling you, for all the weirdness of the week, it sure worked out well for me.

As I mentioned before, I had searched, pretty hard, to find someone going to Current who would want to play at DW (what I now call Disney World since we're now kinda on BFF terms) with me. Cody... not going. Rachel... not going. Tracie... not staying. Etc. Etc. Etc. Then I show up and find one of my best friends, Julie, at the retreat and she invites me to stay on with her at a hotel right across from Disney FOR FREE! Unfortunately for Julie, she took a tumble the second night of the Current Retreat (that's what happens when you skip worship Julis) and badly sprained her wrist.

So me staying with her turned out to be a blessing for her too since, well, when you're in a cast from fingertip to elbow, there's lots of things you can't do for yourself. Those things shall remain unnamed...

Her friends and colleagues from Wilshire Baptist where they are all residents were pretty cool peeps too.

One of them I knew from seminary. But the other three I just met and all were kind enough to allow me to join their journey (which included a 30 minute car ride with four men and two women in a five passenger vehicle. Yes, gimp girl i smooshed into the front seat together and yes it looked exactly like you're picturing it.

And then of course, there's the discovery of the plane ticket oversight. But, after blogging about it and getting the call from Sam, sure enough, his mom, LuAnn, picked me up and drove me to her resort IN THE PARK where again, I got free lodging and also a free park-hopping ticket to DW! I knew that Sam and Lynnette's family loved DW, but i did not quite understand the extent. This woman pulls out a BINDER and starts flipping through the pages to the back where she keeps her spare tickets! And the hotel we're at? It's called the Pop Culture Resort! Just wait for my report on that.

And not only does LuAnn love Disney, but she loves animals and after dropping off my stuff we promptly head to Animal Kingdom (where none of the Wilshire kids were interested in going). YES!!!

Of course, the morning of my last day there I received a string of phone calls about my alarm going off at the house and Clarence holding Janie back while the police inspected the inside. And while that turned out just to be a big wind that blew open the side door, I still haven't figured out what blew through me that last day. After eating breakfast and hopping on the plane back to Austin, I got sick. Motion sick, I thought. But as I changed clothes in the back of my other friend Julie's car who had picked me up from the airport, I discovered it was perhaps more than just motion sickness. And while I managed to squeeze inside the dress Julie'd brought for me and jump from the car into the church for the wedding, I didn't manage to keep the wedding feast inside like I'd hoped. Home early from the wedding, I tasted it a second time if you get my drift.

So while I had a blast at DW (and you will be getting more pictures and blogs soon enough) the trip was definitely tempered with sobriety at the end... or perhaps a nice little reminder that while I may have just experienced the happiest place on earth, I actually live in the most melodramatic place on earth. But hopefully between the Princesses and the puking, I'll find some normalcy in between.


deliciousmelissa said...

Oh man, Ann! This sounds like a major crazy whirlwind blessing nutso trip fo SURE! You are a brave one, no matter what you think. You rock.

poshdeluxe said...

given my recent trip there, i can't wait to hear yr take on "the most magical place on earth"!