Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Four Seasons of Texas

We have four seasons here in Texas: Almost Summer, Summer, still Summer and Christmas.

I read that on a mass text today.

Right now we're in Almost Summer which means it could be 85 degrees (and it was this weekend) or 45 degrees (which it is right now). But we got rain for the first in months, I think, last night, which was awesome. It'll make my weeds grow which will give the impression of grass.

Always manipulate your environment.


So right now I'm in my "winter" jammies with my down comforter pulled up around me (i usually just sleep with a sheet and thin blanket. A candle is glowing and I've got a cup of hot Sleepy-Time tea.


Except that my toes are freezing. Must find wool socks.

It's a miracle I ever lived in a place where it snowed.


Ann said...

I read the email yesterday (Tuesday) and it's cold today (Wednesday) just in case anyone's paying attention and is confused.

austinokie said...

You forgot the two most important seasons of the year in season...and "waiting for football season"

Naomi said...

I know we need rain, but now my ceiling is leaking and no one can fix the roof until morning, so that is suckage. their advice was just to put a trashcan under it. thanks.

Ann said...

Naomi that sucks!!!