Monday, March 09, 2009

The Happiest Ride On Earth

So I've been asked to comment on the happiest place on earth. We'll start with the happiest cruise on earth :)

That would be the famous "It's a Small World Ride." All I have to say is, "Awesome." I doubt any psychodelic drug I could get my hands on here in the hood today could compare to the Had-To-Have-Been-Seventies-Acid-Trip that is the happiest cruise on earth. It's amazing. All these "colors" and "worlds" and "cultures," it's badass.

And then at the end of the ride you enter LSD la la land where are the "people groups" are living together in one oddly white and blue world, playing, singing no doubt and of course, riding a ferris wheel.

My second favorite is Splash Mountain which tells the story of Brer Rabbit while getting you wet. It's awesome. I remember reading Brer Rabbit's story from a book at my grandma's house when I was a little girl. So it was nice to revisit it on Splash Mountain. The Scary Adventures of Snow White also tells the story of the movie in one easy ride.

And it was scary at one part. Seriously people, I jumped. Sitting. I startled, I guess. Whatever.

Cinderella's Carousel was right next to Snow White's ride, both of which I rode by myself while my buddies revisited Space Mountain for the second and third time. Ew. I don't like fast or bang your head side to side. I like Carousels.

I also like Funnel Cakes. I think they remind me of going to World's of Fun in Kansas City as a kid. So what did I do while my amigos were riding the roller coasters for the fifth and sixth time (I just threw up a little), I ordered a funnel cake with powered sugar and ATE THE WHOLE THING.

You heard me. By myself. The whole damn thing.

And it was awesome. Then I went shopping for about the seventh time in 24 hours. Also awesome. I love the pens. I bought myself a Belle pen (that's the princess I am) and a Nightmare Before Christmas pen. COOL!

My friends and I ended the day by returning to the hotel and then heading to a Chicago pizza parlor to spend our last night together gorging on pizza. Yum. And then we finished with Hearts (played on my new Pirates of the Caribbean cards) and eventually crashed.

Early the next morning, I barely remember waking up to Julie gently leaning over me and saying good-bye.

Just like on the Happiest Ride on Earth...

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poshdeluxe said...

funnel cake + it's a small world = happiest pants ever!