Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a poem for the world alone

Listen, I shouldn't tell a lie;
i've been drinking.
and I've a sudden urge to remove all the space from my sentences.

So let's talk...
on the phone, on FB on Skype;
whatever brings me close to you.

Yeah, we've not known each other a long while,
but isn't it fun to explore the unknown?
or at least seek to be known
a little bit

In a world that isn't "a little bit" of anything
but rather bigger than any of us should imagine

Cuz sometimes it isn't.
so you have to write sentenceswithoutspaces;
intimacy is essential to life
in a world this big.

don't lie about the world.
it will find you out,
and expose you as alone.

like me.
not alone, but seeking to be known.


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