Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kiss My McAss

Unlike McDreamy and McSteamy and even the McMansion built right next to my house, I HATE McDonalds. I'm not big on monopolies, but restaurants that advertise unhealthy substandard food to children really gets under my skin. Not to mention the known neuro-toxin they put on the inside of the chicken boxes to help preserve the smell of the food and well, like any decent human being, I avoid the place.

However, I have been known to eat there in dire emergencies like the one presenting itself last Thursday. Knowing I wouldn't get dinner for another 4 hours and not having had lunch, I joined Michelle and her sister Katie, who was also hungry in the drive-thru at McyDee's. We were on the way to Michelle's sonogram (more on that excitement later!) and it was the only restaurant nearby, so we stopped.

Katie and I decided to share the Chicken McNugget meal. Ew. I know. So we ordered it and pulled to the second window. However, by that time I realized I should have ordered a caffeinated beverage because I still had a long day ahead of me. Since it was the pay window, we figured we could still order so I dictated my request up to Katie for a coffee.

"You know, the one that's frozen with caramel?"
"You want a coffee on ice?"
"No, I want that new thing you're offering, the frozen coffee with caramel..."
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"I just saw it on your menu, the caramel frappucino thing."
"That's starbucks."
"I know, but I want the new drink you're offering that's comparable to that."
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Expletive. Just forget it Katie, forget it sir. Drive to the next window Katie."

We get to the next window where the next McMan hands us our food at which point I ask from the backseat for some hot mustard sauce to go with the nuggets. Yum. He hands two to Katie.

"And can I have some ranch?" she asks (remember we're sharing).
"I cannot give you more than that."
"That's all I'm allowed to give you."
At this point the unhappy, pregnant and soon to be sonogramed mother leans over and says,
"Katie give the man back ONE of the hot mustards and sir, give us a ranch. Please."

The transaction transpired. We all sighed irritatedly, but with most things we wanted in hand and turned the corner toward the perinatal clinic and what did we see? A TEN FOOT TALL ADVERTISEMENT FOR A McCafe. A McCafe.


Customer Care at it's worst. Reason number 73 as to why I will never go to McDonalds again.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Ronald or grimace would be very happy with the stingy sauce dude.


Brianna said...

Goes to show you should stick with your gut instincts and avoid the McPlace!

kristen said...

I got a combo meal at Wendy's the other day - which I hadn't done in a long time - and they CHARGED me for my drink. What? I thought that was the definition of a combo meal. They are exploiting the economic crisis, cause you know they aren't losing.

Ann said...

I know, they do that to me too! It's total bull. So now when they ask I say NO. I mean, no thank you.