Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thirty-One Is Where It's At

Oh my gosh, you guys, this was an amazing birthday week!

Despite the fact that I had to go to a deacon's meeting ON MY BIRTHDAY and despite the fact that I had to go to a strategic plan meeting at 9AM the morning after my birthday celebration, overall this was an awesome birthday.

So you already know about the boots, but why, you might ask, was i wearing heels before i threw them off to put on the boots? Excellent question. A lovely family in my church whom I have come to know well over the past year gave me two tickets to go see the Broadway touring company's performance of RENT!!!!


So after getting everything ready for Beresheth on Thursday night, I kissed my Beresheth peeps good-bye and Michelle and I headed to the theater. The two leads are played by the two men who premiered them on Broadway and while initially I found it a little creepy that such old men were acting young, grunge, nineties-ish, by the end of the play I totally bought it. What an amazing performance. I knew some of the songs and the general plotline, but I'd never seen the show and needless to say, like most musicals, i LOVED it.

Then on Friday, Pete, Joy and Baby Zoe came into town!! So, of course, we went swimming and I got to buy Zoe her first swimsuit and which of course then needed sunglasses and a swim hat and sunblock and swim diapers and ... well I love Target. Look how cute Zoe is in her suit!! (um, ps, i didn't buy that orange hat to go with the suit. the cute pink hat i bought was too big).

Friday night was awesome too because my old roommate from Waco whom I haven't seen in probably five years or so, drove down with her boyfriend from Dallas (she recently relocated from Colorado to the Dallas area). Too cool! It was amazing seeing her and she bought me the cutest pair of jammies from Vicky's Panty Land because she loves me :) Thank you, Cat!!

Saturday was rain, rain and more rain but i didn't mind because my flowers and plants (even the cacti) were singing all afternoon they were so happy.

Sunday at church a couple of my students and young adults gave me gifts like, "Looking Good for Jesus Lip Balm" (thanks Katherine) and "If it has tires or testicles there's going to be trouble" napkins and coasters. Ah... they know me so well.

Monday was my actual birthday day and I started it off with therapy at 8am. That's right people, I arose at 7AM to go see my counselor and pay her $85 to tell me I have problems on my birthday. Just kidding. About the problems part. I don't really. Just one or two issues I'm working through. i call it being self-aware...

For lunch, my roommate and my colleague and I went to OPAL's, my favorite, for lunch. I, of course, had my usual, a Bloody Mary and a tuna sandwich. YUM. I went home and found FLOWERS from Moxi in DC on my front porch. Awesome! After a nap, I packed my clothes for Chile and headed back to work for Deacon's Meeting which is actually much more tolerable on your birthday because you're having a great day and it's easy to laugh and it makes one less judgmental and antsy and irritated when people talk for too long.

Two and a half hours later (seriously people. we have long deacon mtgs.) I ate a delicious dinner prepared by Chris (and saved for me since Michelle and baby-in-belly have to eat earlier) and then he, Ben, Bethany and I all went out for a drink at Dulce Vita. (I made Chris call a bunch of restaurants to see which ones served Mudslides because I am convinced that one must have ice cream on one's birthday and combined with alcohol, it doesn't get much better). We played Spades and Ben and I won and then we retired because I was tired cause i had to wake up at 7am that morning.

And always trying to stretch out a birthday as long as i can, yesterday I got to choose where to eat for lunch with the staff (a birthday tradition) and I chose Romeo's which not only has amazing pasta but also gives you a free Sundae for birthday girls!!! Yes!!!

So, people, my birthday was awesome. Thanks to all my friends whom I hope I got to celebrate as much as I was celebrated this weekend. You are the best and I love you. Old and New. And thanks to all the people on FB who wrote on my wall. It was awesome reading, "You have 99 Notifications."

31 is for winners. I can feel it...